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A thorough recap of 4Q2018 Financial Markets and what may be ahead in 2019. Investors need to remember that successful investing is a marathon, not a sprint. History shows a long-term approach, combined with a well-designed and well-executed investment strategy, can overcome periods of heightened volatility, market corrections, and bear markets.

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In mid-October 2018, the financial markets experienced significant volatility. We advised our clients to "stay the course" and put the numbers into historical perspective to calm any fears. Read more about our best thinking here.

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Is the Bull Still with Us?

By David Nolan • October 17, 2018

After a third quarter (2018) that saw U.S. stock prices, as represented by the all-inclusive Russell 3000 Index, rise 7.13%, the index is now up 10.57% for 2018 following a 21.13% increase in 2017. Investors have now begun to question the staying power of this bull market in light of numerous concerns. Learn more.

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